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Advantages Of Running An Online Business

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The Advantage Of Being Online Business

Business online not offline business will look like is happening in the real world. A business when really pursued can be a great business. At this time the perpetrators of online businesses have entered the different classes, ranging from upscale community to lower class society. Many of the advantages gained in running an online business, we have a place that can be visited by our prospective consumers at any time. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the place is always open to prospective consumers. Even while we sleep, the transaction can still keep going.

Another advantage of online business is its market share. Unlike the offline business, online business difference in geographical location is not an obstacle. A very broad market reach will make products you can also note the public widely. If in the offline business prospective consumers usually come from the local area, at your prospective consumers online business can come from a foreign country, of the hemisphere to the other. In the online business, buyers and sellers need not meet directly because they can meet online. Only with an online business, we can do business all over the world without having to depart from our homes. Without the need to leave our families.

Here I include video illustration that shows a comparison of the two people who run a business in a different way, one running a business online, and the other running a business online.


Why My Blog Deserted Visitors? What Is Wrong?

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Tips On How To Blog Many Visitors

As a blogger or online business person, sure you are very happy if many people come visit your writing. But what would happen if your blog is empty of visitors? Certainly the heart feels sad. Creating the spirit of blogging being slack. But don’t rush of despair. Let’s investigate beforehand, where lies the ketikdakberesan which became the cause of lonely blog visitors.

1. Rarely Posts
You have to have a pretty large selection of articles to be presented to the visitors of your blog. If the article is too little choice, the visitor will certainly be slacking come again to your blog. Visitors can view your seriousness in developing a blog if you’re consistent in post new articles. Don’t forget to also give internal links ditiap your post, because in addition to the good side of SEO, internal links makes your visitors easily find your other posts in accordance with the information required.

2. The quality of Postings is declining
Often do post it either. But you should also pay attention to the quality of the postings in order not to decrease. The quality of the postings are declining can make the reader not to come back to your blog. Note also what you write. You could write an article with the title as well as the controversial content to lure readers, but don’t be too often Yes … Hehehe. Readers who do not agree with the content of your writing can just run off leaving your blog and not unlikely will disseminate if you blog less quality.

3. The topic of the Blog is not clear and less Interesting
What is the topic of discussion on your blog? Most personal blogs have discussion topics that are so diverse. Many topics in a blog can create a visitor becomes confused. This often keeps visitors only read the topic choice and go with it. Fokuslah on some topics, in addition to the focus makes it easy to manage, it also makes visitors become more comfortable in finding information in your blog.

In addition it should be clear, the topic of the blog should also be interesting. If only a few people are interested in finding the information that you serve, so be sure your blog will be quiet visitors. Look for a blog topic has not been much discussed, but people have a lot of enthusiasts.

4. Notice the look of your Blog
Pick a design template may sound trivial, but can be a problem if it turns out that visitors are not comfortable in your blog because the blog look less attractive. Select a design template in accordance with the discussion topic of your blog, but do not use a template that the market Yes … Hehehe. Use a template that can be characteristic of your blog. Don’t forget the note color and type of font used.

What is the purpose of your blogging to earn money through advertising? Choose the ads that match the topics on your blog and don’t overdo in putting up ads. The blog is full of many ads can make visitors uncomfortable. Similarly, if you love to beautify your blog with various knick knacks that you think is beautiful. Remember this is a matter of taste, what you see is not necessarily attractive views attract visitors to your blog.

5. Less Wait
Create and develop a corporate blog is like opening a shop. You need to be patient and continue to consistently develop it. Could not store opened today, tomorrow is already filled with many regular visitors. Similarly, in doing the blog. Keep diligent and patient.

6. Search Engine Indexes Your Article Yet
Generally a blog visitors come from search engines. But how can visitors coming to your blog through search engines if the articles you write are not yet indexed search engine. Check out what are the tips to let you easily post articles indexed search engine.

7. Less Promotion
If all of the points above addressed your blog but still quiet, try to do the promotion. Promotion is important to let our readers know about the existence of your blog. One way promotion that can be done is to make a visit on another blog (blog walking) and leave a comment. When commenting, please enter your blog address url dikolom. So the readers: others can visit your blog through traces you have left behind.

Failure Is Not The End Of Everything The Magnificent Indra Inspiring

Tips Overcoming Failure Tips Dare To Fail

Rhenald Kasali, a prominent academics and business practitioners Indonesia, once said, “Eighty percent of all young entrepreneur always fail. This is caused due to the easy nature of the surrender. Failure is an investment and a chance to be better. In the end who became a successful entrepreneur who is not easy to give up. Giatlah try and search for a profitable business. ” I very much agree with the opinion Rhenald Kasali. When you cultivate a business, whether it’s a business online or offline business, you may not know the word surrender. You should not be afraid of failure. Business people frequently overshadowed the fear of failure, usually will not work and think. Their steps so uncertain and full of doubt. Well, how you can be successful if always hesitate in taking decisions.

Do you know these names? Steve Jobs, Soichiro Honda, J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, The Beatles, Thomas Alva Edison. What is in common between them? Yes! They are the ones who have succeed in their jobs respectively. But did you also know in common other than they are? They are successful people who have experienced a previous failure.

How to overcome the kegagaln of online business
Steve Jobs CEO of Apple as a successful, never experienced failure in college. He was also fired from Apple in the early days of his company stood. Soichiro Honda with the Honda company successful, had not received when he was applying for a job to a position technicians concerned with Toyota Motor Corporation. J.k. Rowling, a successful women concocted the Harry Potter novels, experienced a failure in his marriage and become unemployed, even though she had to take care of his son. In the process becomes a famous writer J.K. Rowling has also been rejected several times by the book publisher.

Steven Spielberg was rejected three times when applying to a school of film. But he did not give up and is now a film director and producer. The most popular presenter Oprah Winfrey in America, never experienced the trauma of abuse and never removed from the television industry. Albert Einstein, a genius scientist, never had trouble reading childhood as well as getting the value. Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, an inventor who is very inspiring, never fail a thousand times, but finally succeeded in patenting a myriad of devices.

If we look deeper, there are things that become the key to success of the figures are. What is it? They all learn from the failures they have experienced. And they also dare to rise again, as well as changed to improve themselves can achieve success. There are millions of people all around us, which failed to succeed because it has succumbed to fate. They don’t want to change and afraid to take risks. They dare not fail to achieve success. Not a few others of those who never failed but was afraid and didn’t want to bounce back. Remember! Success will come to those who dare. Dare to change and brave Act, failed and bounce back.

Never stop until the success you dream actually exist in the Palm of your hand. The opportunity to develop in the internet business will never closed. There will always be opportunities to succeed here. You just have to try to realize all your ideas. Once again don’t be afraid to fail! Another important thing is that you need to make the ordinary things become different and unique! If you haven’t got a buyer as well as the prospect of the first month, it does not mean your business is failing. You just need to add facilities in your website and sustained promotion. Luaskanlah guidelines for you every day, wake up your assets, and learn again how to be a successful online business.

Don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid to fail, do not easily give up! Wait for what again? Come on, take action immediately! Believe me, failure is not the end of everything!


The Definition Of SEO, Why SEO Is Important In Online Business Indra The Majestic SEO, SEO Tips

The definition of SEO Importance of SEO in Online business

Some time ago I have explained how to create a blog or free web diblogspot. But in my opinion, has a blog alone is not enough to be able to become a successful online business. If you are aware, the current good business on a small scale and large racing show their existence through the website. It makes business competition on the internet become very hot. Addressing the competition, search engine presence is considered to be one of the solutions so that the website can be found easily. But a new problem comes up, that is when visitors type in a specific keyword will appear disearch engines, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, even tens of millions of listings of search results. And the readers tend to prioritize what was the first time he saw the first page of its search results. This then triggers the competition to get ranked in the first page of search engines.

For large scale business, using PPC (Paid Per Click) can be an alternative for bringing in traffic. But for a small business, removing the cost of capital for PPC certainly become heavy. Therefore, the later is another way i.e. by optimizing web structure in the eyes of search engines, so that search results can be displayed in the first page. This is then referred to as SEO.

The importance of SEO for Online business
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to increase traffic through search engines (google, yahoo, bing, MSN, etc.) to a web site by following the rules and algorithms of search engines. The expectation, if a web-SEO-web-kan, is located on the top positions of search results so that a greater chance to get visitors. If I prefer to say that SEO is doing PDKT on search engines. PDKT web we have in order to get special attention from search engines.

The above is background of Proust’s SEO. Background why SEO is important for web/blog, especially in online business to cultivate. There are a lot of positive things from websites that have good SEO features, including the following.

1. Websites that have good SEO will have a rating (rank) that is well in search engines. With a good rating, meaning the possibility of traffic coming from search engines. The high visitor traffic is a positive signal. Greet and make them loyal visitors of your blog.

2. SEO can help improve the ability of potential visitors to remember a company, product or web in a specific category (brand awareness). Brand awareness can be a benchmark of existence of the company, product, or your website in the eyes of the public. In time this will become a selling point that right in order to increase the number of sales and marketability of your product or service is offered

3. SEO web allows you to have visibility and authority on search engines and internet world in the relatively long term, certainly when supported by good SEO practices and healthy (whitehat). We recommend that you avoid the ways a bad SEO such as spamming, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, and making the practices of other blackhat SEO. SEO is considered better than his Google Adwords PPC, because if your budget runs out or not added, then the web traffic from the ads stopped.

4. SEO is done properly and efficiently will give the results of a much larger investment than any other advertising line. SEO is hardly in need of any fee unless you are using the services of a SEO expert. If you want to use the services of a SEO expert SEO services, make sure that you use the correct understand about SEO and don’t do blackhat practices because it can harm the web and your business.

Now it can be seen that SEO has an important and vital role in the world of online business and being able to give a significant influence on business development efforts online. Do SEO can’t do instant SEO gradually and sustainably. Continue to follow the latest seo tips and developments of search engines. Let’s get to know SEO even further!


How To Create A Web Blog For Free, Quickly Start Your Online Business! Indra The Majestic SEO, SEO Tips

How to create a Blog for Online business

Some time ago, I had a chance to discuss about the advantages of running an online business. One of the advantages gained by utilizing the internet is global and worldwide, we are able to reach consumers who are much more easily to do promotion.

Well, one of the media that can be used to ship for free is by utilizing free website that we can create your own. There are actually a lot of free website providers such as,,,, and many more. But on this occasion I would like to explain how to make web access in (blogspot), a service owned by google. Okay I just described, so that anyone can easily create a website and immediately start online business.

1. Before you can create a web blog at (blogspot), you are required to have an email account at To make it, you can directly open the and click “Sign Up” dipojok top right.

How to easily create a blog for free online business

2. After that will appear a page like below, fill in your data correctly and do not forget to select (tick) the box approval you will be terms of service (Terms of Service) and the Google Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy). Then click “Next Step”.

How to create free blogs quickly and easily

3. After that, a welcome page will appear to you like below. Click “Back to Blogger”.

Tips on how to create a blog

4. your profile page will appear. Click “Next Step”.

How to create a free blog on blogspot

5. After that will appear on the welcome page of the Blogger. Select “proceed to bloggers”.

using the online business blog

6. on this Page you can create a new blog, click the “New Blog”.

the benefits of blogging for online business

7. Will Create a new window appears, please enter blog Title as your blog name and Address as the address of your blog. After you type the address of the blog will appear whether that address is still available (you can wear) or have used other people. Select the addresses that have not been used by other people. After that select the templates provided and click “Create blog!”.

steps to create a website for free

8. Well up to this point, you have managed to have a blog. Page of the “my Blog”, you can do a variety of activities. Starting from the post article, make a page, see the blog statistics, change the layout, change the template, adjust the settings of the blog, as well as see your blog.

How to bring money through blog

9. For example, you want to post an article, you can click the image of the pencil I have mark (top picture). Then the page will appear below. You can then fill in the title and content of the article then click “publish”. If you are unsure, you can publish the article before selecting “Preview” to see how the results of your writing before being published.

the way the promotion of online business with a blog

With this web blog, you can immediately mengonlinekan your business. For those who don’t yet have a business before, you can search for online business type tau which are suitable with your self. After the web blog you’ve so, afterwards you stay doing promotion so that your web blog is easily found by readers. Hopefully this short guide how to create a free web site is beneficial. If anyone would like to ask, you can immediately contact me either via the comments box or direct chat …


Online Business: Change Of Life And Your Future Now!

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Internet Business Do Now Change Your Life

Live online business does not vary much with live business in General. Need consideration, experimental and certainly persistence. There are various types of online businesses that can be pursued, starting from the following affiliate programs, become a reseller of a product, run an online MLM business, providing services of web creation, open the article writing service, selling SEO services, running a business, etc. You can earn money from the internet either by selling real products (goods) as well as virtual products (services).

I would like to share a little story about info-slanted info available on the internet, particularly in the world of online business. What is that? A lot of people less like a blog that smells of affiliate programs and MLM online. But do affiliate programs and MLM online such as bad? I personally do not. Is not the case. The view of the people being ugly about affiliate and MLM online because of rampant online business beginner who is not responsible. They play ‘ black ‘ without prior consideration, only the pursuit of profits, until finally many that do scam (scams in the internet world) and spam. Online business-based affiliate and MLM online business-circumvention circumvention is not, because I see myself a lot of successful businessmen achieve success financially through the business model.

All types and models of an existing online business can carry us to success. But what became the decisive factor of success?

Do you know? The easiest way to distinguish successful people with no successful people is to look at the grammar that they use. When there is a question of “what is the purpose of your life?”, successful people will answer with the optimistic description of the plans he traveled to realize its objectives, together with the plan exactly when implemented. While the answers people aren’t successful not far from “I hope someday I can do this and that to achieve my goal.” This is the speech that could never be confirmed. Successful people don’t tend to use words that are uncertain (“sometime”, “someday”, “tomorrow”, and the like) because the words are releasing them from responsibility for what they say.

How Successful Online MLM Business
Everyone has dreams and life goals. Whether the dream and goal of your life? If you’ve given a time limit to make it happen? If you have dreams and goals you want to achieve, we recommend that you determine a CLEAR TIME LIMIT. A clear time limit will make you immediately thought and immediately do a variety of efforts to realize a dream and your goals. A clear time limit will make you act now, too. Wake up a positive attitude in your life, rest assured you will achieve the success that is no dream. Do not let the fear of failure, change it every inch of the failure you experience being the road to success. Get up the motivation that makes you not deterred towards success. Do the right things and not justifying the things you do. Be a tough private, fought endlessly!

“Success represents the 1% of your work which results from the 99% that is called failure” Soichiro Honda

Then how is that you can achieve success through the internet? Learn all the information about online business, good tips, stories, reviews, to bid and online business opportunities that are offered to you. Receive bid opportunities online business dipampangkan in various media, LEARN, consider APPROPRIATE, look for your interests, and direct EXECUTION! It wouldn’t hurt if you study opportunities that are offered to you. The more you learn the more you can consider the type of business online where matching yourself. But remember, all things are in need of capital, both financial capital, capital of the time, nor the energy capital. You have to be willing to pay the price for a success that you will accomplish in your life. Let’s say it together: now!!!


3 Recipes attract visitors Loyal

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3 way tip loyal blog visitors exciting online business

The visitor has a role that is very vital for a website or blog. Blog without a visitor like a store without buyers. If you are a business person online, pengunjunglah that will make the money flowing into your pockets. It is they who will buy your products or services to wear. If you are a blogger, of course the number of visitors can give contentment to you.

“As good as any appearance or content of the article that you have written, but if there are no visitors, everything will be no meaning.”

Visitors play a role over the success of a website or blog in two ways. First, they pay a visit to your site, and then feel match the quote you gave. So eventually they bought the product, or wear the services you offer. Second, they pay a visit to your site, they read and find quality information in your site. They see that your site is good and recommended. They will be happy to recommend it to others. That way you get free promotion of your visitors.

Some time ago I had a chance to give these tips so that your website or blog is not devoid of visitors. When you have done all the tips that I give, it is time you try the following steps in order for the visitors who come to be “addicted” to come back to the web as well as your blog. Look well Yes … Hehehe.

3 surefire Recipe attract visitors and make them become loyal visitors for your …

1. Noisy Attention
Make it so your blog can attract visitor’s attention at the time of their first visit to your blog. You can create things that presumably can be an attraction, for example through an interesting blog appearance design, can also be via the blog title that Tickle, but of course also counterbalanced with the contents of the article are interesting anyway. Make every visitor who comes to get something out of your blog, whether it’s information, entertainment, or other things that visitors searched.

2. Open Yourself
You should be able to open simultaneously selling yourself. Introduce yourself. Sapa them warmly. Give the best you can give to be able to help them. Just think well, why they should choose your blog than many blog diluaran there? What is your blog compared to others? What are the positive things that visitors get: you? Is your blog can answer the question that confronts the visitors? Provide solutions to visitors upon their needs, assure them that you and your blog is a great place to get the solution.

3. Keep your loyal Visitors
Build trust towards our blog visitors do require time. But if the visitors have become loyal, they will taste linger: you. Even those with the faithful will be looking forward to posting your latest posts. Established good communication with your visitors. You can interact with them e.g. diligently respond to their comments. You can also provide a contact us form. Keep them loyal visitors: keep being you.