Why My Blog Deserted Visitors? What Is Wrong?

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Tips On How To Blog Many Visitors

As a blogger or online business person, sure you are very happy if many people come visit your writing. But what would happen if your blog is empty of visitors? Certainly the heart feels sad. Creating the spirit of blogging being slack. But don’t rush of despair. Let’s investigate beforehand, where lies the ketikdakberesan which became the cause of lonely blog visitors.

1. Rarely Posts
You have to have a pretty large selection of articles to be presented to the visitors of your blog. If the article is too little choice, the visitor will certainly be slacking come again to your blog. Visitors can view your seriousness in developing a blog if you’re consistent in post new articles. Don’t forget to also give internal links ditiap your post, because in addition to the good side of SEO, internal links makes your visitors easily find your other posts in accordance with the information required.

2. The quality of Postings is declining
Often do post it either. But you should also pay attention to the quality of the postings in order not to decrease. The quality of the postings are declining can make the reader not to come back to your blog. Note also what you write. You could write an article with the title as well as the controversial content to lure readers, but don’t be too often Yes … Hehehe. Readers who do not agree with the content of your writing can just run off leaving your blog and not unlikely will disseminate if you blog less quality.

3. The topic of the Blog is not clear and less Interesting
What is the topic of discussion on your blog? Most personal blogs have discussion topics that are so diverse. Many topics in a blog can create a visitor becomes confused. This often keeps visitors only read the topic choice and go with it. Fokuslah on some topics, in addition to the focus makes it easy to manage, it also makes visitors become more comfortable in finding information in your blog.

In addition it should be clear, the topic of the blog should also be interesting. If only a few people are interested in finding the information that you serve, so be sure your blog will be quiet visitors. Look for a blog topic has not been much discussed, but people have a lot of enthusiasts.

4. Notice the look of your Blog
Pick a design template may sound trivial, but can be a problem if it turns out that visitors are not comfortable in your blog because the blog look less attractive. Select a design template in accordance with the discussion topic of your blog, but do not use a template that the market Yes … Hehehe. Use a template that can be characteristic of your blog. Don’t forget the note color and type of font used.

What is the purpose of your blogging to earn money through advertising? Choose the ads that match the topics on your blog and don’t overdo in putting up ads. The blog is full of many ads can make visitors uncomfortable. Similarly, if you love to beautify your blog with various knick knacks that you think is beautiful. Remember this is a matter of taste, what you see is not necessarily attractive views attract visitors to your blog.

5. Less Wait
Create and develop a corporate blog is like opening a shop. You need to be patient and continue to consistently develop it. Could not store opened today, tomorrow is already filled with many regular visitors. Similarly, in doing the blog. Keep diligent and patient.

6. Search Engine Indexes Your Article Yet
Generally a blog visitors come from search engines. But how can visitors coming to your blog through search engines if the articles you write are not yet indexed search engine. Check out what are the tips to let you easily post articles indexed search engine.

7. Less Promotion
If all of the points above addressed your blog but still quiet, try to do the promotion. Promotion is important to let our readers know about the existence of your blog. One way promotion that can be done is to make a visit on another blog (blog walking) and leave a comment. When commenting, please enter your blog address url dikolom. So the readers: others can visit your blog through traces you have left behind.


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