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The definition of SEO Importance of SEO in Online business

Some time ago I have explained how to create a blog or free web diblogspot. But in my opinion, has a blog alone is not enough to be able to become a successful online business. If you are aware, the current good business on a small scale and large racing show their existence through the website. It makes business competition on the internet become very hot. Addressing the competition, search engine presence is considered to be one of the solutions so that the website can be found easily. But a new problem comes up, that is when visitors type in a specific keyword will appear disearch engines, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, even tens of millions of listings of search results. And the readers tend to prioritize what was the first time he saw the first page of its search results. This then triggers the competition to get ranked in the first page of search engines.

For large scale business, using PPC (Paid Per Click) can be an alternative for bringing in traffic. But for a small business, removing the cost of capital for PPC certainly become heavy. Therefore, the later is another way i.e. by optimizing web structure in the eyes of search engines, so that search results can be displayed in the first page. This is then referred to as SEO.

The importance of SEO for Online business
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to increase traffic through search engines (google, yahoo, bing, MSN, etc.) to a web site by following the rules and algorithms of search engines. The expectation, if a web-SEO-web-kan, is located on the top positions of search results so that a greater chance to get visitors. If I prefer to say that SEO is doing PDKT on search engines. PDKT web we have in order to get special attention from search engines.

The above is background of Proust’s SEO. Background why SEO is important for web/blog, especially in online business to cultivate. There are a lot of positive things from websites that have good SEO features, including the following.

1. Websites that have good SEO will have a rating (rank) that is well in search engines. With a good rating, meaning the possibility of traffic coming from search engines. The high visitor traffic is a positive signal. Greet and make them loyal visitors of your blog.

2. SEO can help improve the ability of potential visitors to remember a company, product or web in a specific category (brand awareness). Brand awareness can be a benchmark of existence of the company, product, or your website in the eyes of the public. In time this will become a selling point that right in order to increase the number of sales and marketability of your product or service is offered

3. SEO web allows you to have visibility and authority on search engines and internet world in the relatively long term, certainly when supported by good SEO practices and healthy (whitehat). We recommend that you avoid the ways a bad SEO such as spamming, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, and making the practices of other blackhat SEO. SEO is considered better than his Google Adwords PPC, because if your budget runs out or not added, then the web traffic from the ads stopped.

4. SEO is done properly and efficiently will give the results of a much larger investment than any other advertising line. SEO is hardly in need of any fee unless you are using the services of a SEO expert. If you want to use the services of a SEO expert SEO services, make sure that you use the correct understand about SEO and don’t do blackhat practices because it can harm the web and your business.

Now it can be seen that SEO has an important and vital role in the world of online business and being able to give a significant influence on business development efforts online. Do SEO can’t do instant SEO gradually and sustainably. Continue to follow the latest seo tips and developments of search engines. Let’s get to know SEO even further!


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