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How to create a Blog for Online business

Some time ago, I had a chance to discuss about the advantages of running an online business. One of the advantages gained by utilizing the internet is global and worldwide, we are able to reach consumers who are much more easily to do promotion.

Well, one of the media that can be used to ship for free is by utilizing free website that we can create your own. There are actually a lot of free website providers such as,,,, and many more. But on this occasion I would like to explain how to make web access in (blogspot), a service owned by google. Okay I just described, so that anyone can easily create a website and immediately start online business.

1. Before you can create a web blog at (blogspot), you are required to have an email account at To make it, you can directly open the and click “Sign Up” dipojok top right.

How to easily create a blog for free online business

2. After that will appear a page like below, fill in your data correctly and do not forget to select (tick) the box approval you will be terms of service (Terms of Service) and the Google Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy). Then click “Next Step”.

How to create free blogs quickly and easily

3. After that, a welcome page will appear to you like below. Click “Back to Blogger”.

Tips on how to create a blog

4. your profile page will appear. Click “Next Step”.

How to create a free blog on blogspot

5. After that will appear on the welcome page of the Blogger. Select “proceed to bloggers”.

using the online business blog

6. on this Page you can create a new blog, click the “New Blog”.

the benefits of blogging for online business

7. Will Create a new window appears, please enter blog Title as your blog name and Address as the address of your blog. After you type the address of the blog will appear whether that address is still available (you can wear) or have used other people. Select the addresses that have not been used by other people. After that select the templates provided and click “Create blog!”.

steps to create a website for free

8. Well up to this point, you have managed to have a blog. Page of the “my Blog”, you can do a variety of activities. Starting from the post article, make a page, see the blog statistics, change the layout, change the template, adjust the settings of the blog, as well as see your blog.

How to bring money through blog

9. For example, you want to post an article, you can click the image of the pencil I have mark (top picture). Then the page will appear below. You can then fill in the title and content of the article then click “publish”. If you are unsure, you can publish the article before selecting “Preview” to see how the results of your writing before being published.

the way the promotion of online business with a blog

With this web blog, you can immediately mengonlinekan your business. For those who don’t yet have a business before, you can search for online business type tau which are suitable with your self. After the web blog you’ve so, afterwards you stay doing promotion so that your web blog is easily found by readers. Hopefully this short guide how to create a free web site is beneficial. If anyone would like to ask, you can immediately contact me either via the comments box or direct chat …


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