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Tips Overcoming Failure Tips Dare To Fail

Rhenald Kasali, a prominent academics and business practitioners Indonesia, once said, “Eighty percent of all young entrepreneur always fail. This is caused due to the easy nature of the surrender. Failure is an investment and a chance to be better. In the end who became a successful entrepreneur who is not easy to give up. Giatlah try and search for a profitable business. ” I very much agree with the opinion Rhenald Kasali. When you cultivate a business, whether it’s a business online or offline business, you may not know the word surrender. You should not be afraid of failure. Business people frequently overshadowed the fear of failure, usually will not work and think. Their steps so uncertain and full of doubt. Well, how you can be successful if always hesitate in taking decisions.

Do you know these names? Steve Jobs, Soichiro Honda, J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, The Beatles, Thomas Alva Edison. What is in common between them? Yes! They are the ones who have succeed in their jobs respectively. But did you also know in common other than they are? They are successful people who have experienced a previous failure.

How to overcome the kegagaln of online business
Steve Jobs CEO of Apple as a successful, never experienced failure in college. He was also fired from Apple in the early days of his company stood. Soichiro Honda with the Honda company successful, had not received when he was applying for a job to a position technicians concerned with Toyota Motor Corporation. J.k. Rowling, a successful women concocted the Harry Potter novels, experienced a failure in his marriage and become unemployed, even though she had to take care of his son. In the process becomes a famous writer J.K. Rowling has also been rejected several times by the book publisher.

Steven Spielberg was rejected three times when applying to a school of film. But he did not give up and is now a film director and producer. The most popular presenter Oprah Winfrey in America, never experienced the trauma of abuse and never removed from the television industry. Albert Einstein, a genius scientist, never had trouble reading childhood as well as getting the value. Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, an inventor who is very inspiring, never fail a thousand times, but finally succeeded in patenting a myriad of devices.

If we look deeper, there are things that become the key to success of the figures are. What is it? They all learn from the failures they have experienced. And they also dare to rise again, as well as changed to improve themselves can achieve success. There are millions of people all around us, which failed to succeed because it has succumbed to fate. They don’t want to change and afraid to take risks. They dare not fail to achieve success. Not a few others of those who never failed but was afraid and didn’t want to bounce back. Remember! Success will come to those who dare. Dare to change and brave Act, failed and bounce back.

Never stop until the success you dream actually exist in the Palm of your hand. The opportunity to develop in the internet business will never closed. There will always be opportunities to succeed here. You just have to try to realize all your ideas. Once again don’t be afraid to fail! Another important thing is that you need to make the ordinary things become different and unique! If you haven’t got a buyer as well as the prospect of the first month, it does not mean your business is failing. You just need to add facilities in your website and sustained promotion. Luaskanlah guidelines for you every day, wake up your assets, and learn again how to be a successful online business.

Don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid to fail, do not easily give up! Wait for what again? Come on, take action immediately! Believe me, failure is not the end of everything!


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